The processing of the natural stone slabs, whether marble, granite, onyx or slate is our primary specialization and activity, within the factory. The raw material is generated through our network of suppliers in the form of slabs. Depending on the order, it could either be standard or customized, naturally each undergoing different sets of activities.
Customized: By processing of natural stones in a more elaborate fashion, we are able to deliver according to customized orders for each client. This is highly different from the typical dimension evident in a standard order. 
Customized orders are specific designs processed into natural stones, mosaics, larger than the usual tiles and thickness and treatments of the finished products.
Design/ Pattern Layouts: These highly precise and customized layouts require the use of the CNC stone Router Machine that can cut all two-dimension patterns or design from any natural stones slab.

Mosaics: Mosaic patterns are custom-made. These are made out of small cubes of natural stone or glass mosaics. The basic material used for the mosaic patterns are from the excess generated during the cutting of the slabs. These excess pieces are diced into cubes, resulting in almost no wasted material from using the various slabs.

Cut-to-size: Occasionally, a typical tile is required in a specific dimension. We can provide custom-sized tiles such as those used for covering walls, like those seen in business towers. An example of these tiles would 120x60x3cm. Because of their large dimensions and thickness, specific slabs have to be ordered to satisfy this inquiry.

Treatments: After the slabs have been cut to the specified demand, the tiles undergo treatment, for protection or to provide a specified look i.e. antiquating , waxing , filling , & staining.
Supplying/Retail: Most of the materials we sell are usually processed within the factory, unless it has been delivered ready-for-sale. This depends on the inquiry, and availability within our stock. Beside the available stock of the more common natural stones, we tend to order specified amounts of other raw materials or machineries depending on the request of the client.

Design & Consulting: Backed by an experienced team of architects, designers and technicians, we are able to design and consult for projects, allowing us to perform turn-key jobs for the specified location, making us a qualified source for out-sourcing masonry work. 

Installation: Installation is a key area of strength at Marble touch. After the processing and delivery stage, we are the best choice to install the material. Installation is the final stage in the whole transaction, followed by the final treatment for protective measures, including grouting and polishing.
Supply/Retail & Customized machines: With increasing diversity in the nature of projects, we are able to supply an increasing variety of services. Ultimately, we are able to provide the required service and after sales service with professionalism and industry leading standards. 

“Architecture is inhabited sculpture.”
- Constantin Brancusi